About Us

C Style Homes was developed by Cameron Gill, a registered builder with a passion, obsession and dedication of the building industry. “I get so excited with every house we build, they’re all different and unique and more importantly the look on a client’s face when they walk in to their new dream home for the first time” Along with his wife Carolyn, the business was launced back in 2001. Their philosophy was simple. Utilise all that knowledge and experience into a business of their own that would stand them alone in the building industry through what it offered and how it delivered it


C Style Homes was developed as the ultimate building service as the name suggests. Style through;

  • Approach
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Service &
  • Communication


45.JPG - largeWhat this means to you

As we have been involved in the construction industry for 29 years, we have seen many changes throughout this time, both in construction trends and customer needs. C Style Homes prides itself on staying ahead of these times by offering a service which not only stands us out amongst our competitors but also offers our client’s access to the latest concepts at the most affordable prices.


We understand the need to offer a wide range of services to suit everyone’s financial situation. With the ever increasing concerns over housing affordability, C Style Homes back in 2010 introduced Housing Works to assist with first home buyers to break in to the market. We can also offer house and land packages, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your building options.


Building quality homes comes second nature to the team at C Style Homes and Housing Works, however we completely understand the complexity, confusion and uncertainty that often surround’s most people as they begin the building process. This is why we have developed a system that not only takes you from the initial phone call all the way through to receiving your keys to your new dream home, with ease and a minimum of fuss, but also allows you to have as little or as much input as you desire for us to deliver a product that will certainly exceed your expectations.


Building a house is not just the construction component. The fact that you’re building someone’s dream takes us well beyond just a builder. Many long lasting friendships have been forged on the back of this as we work closely with our clients to offer flexibility through design and construction on top of suggestions from our vast experience to guide you through specification selections with value for money to service your every need. Whether you have your own plans or ideas or you require us to achieve a design for you, our most important aim is to create a home that suits your every need, fulfils your desires and is perfect for you.


We look forward to hearing from and dealing with you on your next project, whether you’re building for the first time or not, the team at C Style Homes and Housing Works are there to help.